WUSTL classmates salute World War II veterans

 Six members of the ‘Greatest Generation’ honored

Six World War II veterans are among the students in a Lifelong Learning Class on the history of World War II. In commemoration of Veterans Day Nov. 11, classmates paid tribute to each of the veterans and played a medley of military songs. From left, bottom row: Burton Gray, U.S. Army, infantry, Europe; George Alberstat, U.S. Navy, hospital ship, Pacific; Richard Summers, U.S. Navy, V-12 Program; and, back row (from left), guest speaker veteran Raymond Robinson, U.S. Navy, destroyer, Atlantic, and cruiser, Pacific; Harvey Hieken, U.S. Army, infantry, Philippines; and David Lupo, U.S. Army, Signal Corps, Europe. Not pictured, Jack Fridkin, U.S. Army, communications, Philippines. The class is led by retired attorney Dick Hyde and retired research scientist J.J. Burke. The Lifelong Learning Institute, part of University College in Arts & Sciences, offers classes to students age 55 and older. Photo by Sid Hastings.