Retired staff members and their WUSTL service

Rita A. Stanley arrived at the School of Law in 1995 as a clinical program assistant. Since then, the scenery and her duties changed. But a constant was excellent co-workers.

“When I moved to the law school, it was still in Mudd Hall — a concrete building, like Eliot, right where the Knight Center is now,” says Stanley, who retired this past March as the law school’s events and facilities assistant.

“Shortly after, we moved into Anheuser-Busch Hall. It was a big change, absolutely for the better. It was newer, more modern. It didn’t leak!” she says, laughing.

“But the people were the reason I loved it here,” Stanley says. “I’ve made good friends, ones that I expect to keep for the rest of my life.”

As 2011 draws to a close, Washington University recognizes the outstanding service of the many employees who retired this past fiscal year. Stanley, along with the other 102 staff members who retired from the university this past year, contributed a total of 2,023 years of service to the university — more than two millennia.

The contributions of these employees helped make Washington University the exemplary institution it is today, Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton says.

“I am proud of the Washington University community and recognize that the tradition of excellence we enjoy is due in large measure to the support provided to our students and faculty by our staff members,” Wrighton says.

“Our staff are an integral part of the Washington University success story, and I value their service and loyalty,” he says.

Retirees and their lengths of service

Pat Noel Alexander (14 years); Juanita A. Andrews (22 years); Diane M. Anthony (22 years); Josephus J. Arends (16 years); John C. Barranco (13 years); Larry L. Barrett (34 years); Brenda I. Bateman (13 years); Malgorzata Bielinska (33 years); Julie K. Black (12 years); Jeffery S. Boggus (10 years); Sandra J. Brennan (22 years); Marilyn Donna Buehler (20 years); Darrell Wayne Butler (31 years); Joyce E. Carnoske (22 years); Roberta Carpenter (12 years);

Cathy Chen (20 years); Richard Doyle Chiles (21 years); Sherry L. Claggett (14 years); Linda R. Cohn (25 years); Carol Conway-Long (31 years); Carmen Cook (29 years); Susan Copeland (27 years); Marie Irene Cuccia-Brand (35 years); Lois Ann Davis (18 years); Diane Day (25 years); Margaret I. Dotson (13 years); Deannia L. Dunnegan (27 years); Rita Rose Ferry (12 years); Maryann Forgach (10 years); Regina Gant (22 years);

Kathleen S. Garavaglia (16 years); Patricia K. Giaminetti (14 years); Mary S. Gould (25 years); Lois J. Hamilton (8 years); Linda J. Hammond (34 years); Renee’ Harris (27 years); Edwin A. Hiss (20 years); Robert Lee Hopkins (17 years); Joan Marie Hucker (39 years); Clayton R. Hunt (20 years); Gregory Paul Jacquin (16 years); Deborah Ann Johns (27 years); Judith M. Johnson (16 years); Claudette Jones (13 years); Nancy S. Larson-Vomund (11 years); Leroy Layton (8 years);

Judy Ann Leipholtz (20 years); Marilyn Aach Levy (36 years); Diane Marie Limmer (9 years); Jill K. Manchester (35 years); John James Marcallini (37 years); Mary Ann Marcinkiewicz (15 years); Linda McClain (10 years); Barbara B. McKay (27 years); Bradley Miller (19 years); George Pete Milne (15 years); Byron Morgan (10 years); Margaret Morris (11 years); Geraldine M. Neumann (37 years); William L. Noll (17 years); Mary L. O’Toole (6 years);

Carol Anne Papps (32 years); Stacey Lynn Phillips (5 years); G. James Planer (34 years); Lisa G. Portnoy (20 years); Roberta Carla Re (12 years); Kenneth Alan Robin (32 years); Nanette S. Rochberg (28 years); Karen L. Ruder (24 years); Sharon A. Ryan (10 years); Helen Sandfort (13 years); Judy Sawyer (20 years); Rick A. Schlattmann (28 years); Patricia Ann Schroeder (24 years); Laura Ann Schuermann (18 years); Mary M. Schurwan (18 years); Lyvonne Shanklin (17 years);

Michael D. Shornick (25 years); Cora Sias-Pace (11 years); Thomas Harry Simmons (42 years); Anita Sue Soteres (35 years); Rita A. Stanley (17 years); Joan Lois Starling (33 years); Joan Elaine Stern (24 years); Eloise Crymes Stith (14 years); Sylvia L. Stoll (12 years); Victoria J. Sullivan (12 years); Norma E. Taylor (20 years); Waltraud H. Taylor (13 years); Ann E. Vitale (31 years); Georgia Karen Vogelsang (5 years); David F. Wagner (11 years);

Donnie Cordell Walker (7 years); Cassandria White Hampton (14 years); Linda Steinback Whiting (7 years); Carol Ann Wiedner (22 years); Glen Edward Williams (8 years); Virginia W. Withers (16 years); Howard J. Wynder (6 years); David Alan Yackey (7 years); Gwendolyn J. Young (24 years); Patricia Lee Young (13 years); and Betsy R. Zimerman (19 years).