Work, Families and Public Policy series continues Jan. 23

Faculty and graduate students from St. Louis-area universities with an interest in labor, households, health care, law and social welfare are invited to take part in a series of Monday brown-bag luncheon seminars to be held biweekly on the Danforth Campus at Washington University in St. Louis beginning Monday, Jan. 23, through Monday, April 16.

In its 16th year, the Work, Families and Public Policy series features one-hour presentations on research interests of faculty from local and national universities. The series is designed to promote interdisciplinary research.

Presentations will be from noon-1 p.m. in Seigle Hall, Room 348.

The series continues Monday, Jan. 23, with a lecture by Kelly Bishop, PhD, assistant professor of economics in Arts & Sciences, on “Hedonic Prices and Implicit Markets: Estimating Marginal Willingness to Pay for Differentiated Products without Instrumental Variables.”

The remaining presentations are:

Feb. 6. Donna K. Ginther, PhD, professor of economics at the University of Kansas, on “The Diversity of NIH Research Awardees in Academic Medicine”;

Feb. 20. Maria E. Canon, PhD, economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, on “The Role of Schools in the Production of Achievement”;

March 5. V. Joseph Hotz, PhD, the Arts & Sciences Professor of Economics at Duke University, on “The Family that Shares is the Family that Cares: Are Extended Families Efficient in their Sharing?”;

March 19. Duncan Thomas, PhD, professor of economics and global health at Duke University, on “Decision-Making by Households and Families”;

April 2. Kimberly D. Krawiec, JD, the Kathrine Robinson Everett Professor of Law at Duke University, on “Kidneys Without Contracts: The Legal And Ethical Implications of NEAD Chain Bridge Donor Contracts”;

April 16. Sandra E. Black, PhD, professor of economics at the University of Texas, on “Does Money Matter? The Effect of Child Care Subsidies on Academic Performance.”

Robert A. Pollak, PhD, the Hernreich Distinguished Professor of Economics in Arts & Sciences and in the Olin Business School, has been the lead organizer of the series for the past 15 years.

Co-organizer is Michael Sherraden, PhD, the Benjamin E. Youngdahl Professor of Social Development at the Brown School at WUSTL.

The series is sponsored by the Olin Business School; the Brown School and the Center for Social Development; the Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Work and Social Capital in the School of Law; the Department of Economics in Arts & Sciences; the College of Arts & Sciences; and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

The classroom is courtesy of the Department of Economics.

For more information, contact Pollak at (314) 935-4918 or; Sherraden at (314) 935-6691 or at; or visit and search for the seminar by date.