Navigating religion and politics

Barry Lynn (second from left), executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, talks with WUSTL students March 20 during an informal gathering in the Danforth University Center.
Lynn was on campus to deliver an Assembly Series/John C. Danforth
Center on Religion & Politics lecture that evening. The students
enjoyed a lively discussion about how religion is influencing many
current debates among political candidates. The discussion was moderated by Marie Griffith, PhD (left), the John C. Danforth Distinguished Professor and director of the Danforth Center for Religion &
Politics, assisted by Lenora Fisher (right), assistant director of the
Danforth Center. Later that evening, Lynn, a constitutional lawyer and
ordained United Church of Christ minister, delivered the lecture, “It’s
Religion, Stupid, Not the Economy.” The lecture can be accessed from the
center’s website, (Credit: Jerry Naunheim Jr.)