Thurtene Carnival​​​​ swings onto campus

Gingerbread Brookings Above: Attendees dare to ride Pharaoh’s Fury at the 2012 Thurtene Carnival held this past weekend on the Danforth Campus. Thurtene Junior Honorary organizes this annual charity event, which has been a part of campus life for more than 100 years. The entirely student-run carnival features rides, game booths, fun foods and well-rehearsed plays and musical performances. Students work hard all year writing scripts, rehearsing and building “movie-set” structures know as facades. Carnival proceeds this year benefited the Guardian Angels Settlement Association. Below: Sam Shapiro, a junior political science major in Arts & Sciences, directs a child to candy prizes after she plays a game. (Credit: Jenn Silverberg (2) )Gingerbread Brookings