Forsyth Boulevard reopens to vehicular traffic Thursday, Aug. 16

Underpass to South 40 to reopen Friday, Aug. 17

Forsyth Boulevard will be reopened to vehicular traffic at noon Thursday, Aug. 16. Forsyth and the underpass to the South 40 will remain closed to pedestrian traffic until 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 17.

Forsyth Boulevard between Olympian Way and Wallace Drive has been closed to through traffic from Big Bend to Skinker since May 22 as Washington University in St. Louis partnered with the city of Clayton to replace the Forsyth bridge.

The underpass connecting the South 40 to the rest of the Danforth Campus also was closed and rebuilt. The new underpass’ dimensions will be similar to the previous underpass’, but the new underpass will feature several improvements, including a higher ceiling, better drainage and increased lighting.

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