Global diversity winners to share experiences

The 2012 participants of the Global Diversity Overseas Seminar Program will share their experiences during two brown-bag lunch presentations next week.

Six staff members traveled to WUSTL study abroad programs in Paris, France, and Shanghai, China, this past summer, courtesy of the program, which seeks to encourage fuller appreciation of diversity on campus. This is the first year for the program.

The winners are: (Paris) Tom Evola, Julie Kennedy and Monica Nickolai; and (Shanghai) Robert Brown, Patty Katzfey and Vicki Mueller.

The presentations will be held Tuesday, Oct. 9, for Paris and Thursday, Oct. 11, for Shanghai. Both hourlong presentations take place at noon in Danforth University Center, Room 276.

During these sessions, participants will discuss the program structure, pre-departure requirements, the in-country experience and what they learned throughout the process. The participants also will share how the global diversity program has impacted their WUSTL careers.

The participants won the staff development opportunity via an essay contest. Funded by the Provost’s Advisory Committee for Diversity and Inclusion, the program introduced the participants to dramatically different cultural contexts and incorporated lectures, guided tours and other activities.

The program is open to all employees. For more information, visit