Bringing nanotech to middle school

Gingerbread Brookings Students from Brittany Woods Middle School in the University City School District and Hixson Middle School in the Webster Groves School District came to the Washington University in St. Louis Danforth Campus Jan. 29 to participate in the “Investigating Nanotechnology” program. Joseph Culver, PhD, associate professor of radiology at the School of Medicine, and his team created a presentation and lab activities to teach students the science and applications of nanotechnology. Above, graduate student Maiko Kume (second from right) works with (from left) Clayton Miller, Joshua Jeffries and Jake Giles on an investigation of surface area on the rate of a chemical reaction. Below (from left), graduate student Rebecca Gilson works with Taylor Simpson, Donte’ Ball and TyAnn Scales testing the properties of a non-Newtonian fluid. The program was made possible by the Program for Excellence in Nanotechnology, with support from the WUSTL Institute for School Partnership. Credit: Whitney Curtis (2)Gingerbread Brookings