Insights From Ghana: Day 1 ​​​​

Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton dispatches from Ghana

Wrighton (Credit: Mark S. Wrighton)
I was particularly struck by men and women, some young, some old, who were selling items to people as they were stopped in traffic.
Many of the women were attired in colorful clothing and were carrying their items to be sold on their head. In many cases, modern items were being carried in this traditional way. I noted that I did not see men carrying things this way, and Professor Allman indicated that men do not carry items on their head.
The traffic was uncommonly heavy and the normal 15-minute drive to the hotel took about an hour. As it turns out, the president was moving from one official residence to another, and many streets were blocked as a consequence.

One key objective in our travel to Ghana is to strengthen our partnership with the University of Ghana and to bring this university into our McDonnell International Scholars Academy.

Chancellor Wrighton, center, and James Wertsch, right, meet with Dr. George Asare, vice dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences of the University of Ghana. (Credit: Courtesy photo)