Positive psychology discussed in DUC lecture series

“The Happiness Series,” a series of weekly lectures on various positive psychology topics by Timothy J. Bono, PhD, assistant dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and lecturer in psychology, will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday evenings during the spring semester.

The series begins Feb. 13 at the Danforth University Center’s Goldberg Formal Lounge with a presentation on “The Science of Happiness: What it is, What it’s Not, and How it’s Pursued.” The next lecture will be “Developing and Maintaining a Healthy, Happy Mindset” on Feb. 27.

Future topics include positive emotions, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and relationships. Exact dates will be posted on the DUC website. The lectures are free and open to the public.

All of the topics in the series are rooted in scientific research and evidence, Bono says.

“Like a lot of academic research, much of what we know about the nature of psychological well-being has remained in the ivory tower and largely inaccessible to the mainstream,” he says. “The positive psychology movement has provided a bridge between those two spheres. This series will dispel common myths about the nature of happiness and focus on empirically based strategies for increasing happiness and pursuing a meaningful life.”

In addition to giving presentations on positive psychology on campus and in residence halls to student groups, Bono gives presentations to businesses and retirement homes. Last spring, he was a featured speaker at a program on the pursuit of happiness at Carnegie Music Hall.

For more information, visit the DUC website.