Proposition to improve Arch, trails and public parks on April 2 ballot

On Tuesday, April 2, City of St. Louis and St. Louis County voters will vote on Proposition P, the Safe and Accessible Arch and Public Parks Initiative.

Proposition P proposes a 3/16 of 1 cent sales tax increase (which amounts to less than 2 cents on a $10 purchase) that would be used to pay for improvements to the Gateway Arch grounds, the regional Great Rivers Greenway trails, and city and county parks. If passed, the tax will raise about $31 million annually and will be in effect for 20 years.

Washington University has been actively engaged for many years in the support of transit, biking and pedestrian paths and parks that help connect the university to the wider community. Proposition P opens up opportunities to enhance these important assets, and the university supports the initiative’s goals.

Proposition P will provide additional funding for both Forest Park, which borders the Danforth and Medical Center campuses and is considered by many to be the area’s premier park, and the Gateway Arch. The Arch is the iconic symbol of St. Louis and critical improvements will make it accessible to all.

Proposition P has been endorsed by numerous groups, including Forest Park Forever, Focus St. Louis, Civic Progress, the St. Louis Regional Chamber, the Regional Business Council and the Starkloff Disability Institute.

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