Political scientist Cohen to speak April 9​


Author and political scientist Cathy Cohen studies American politics and particularly how they affect African-Americans, women and the LGBTQ community – never ignoring the intersections between these identity categories.

She will be on campus Tuesday, April 9, to give a provocatively titled lecture, “Race, Sex and Neoliberalism in the Age of Obama.”

Cohen, PhD, a political science professor at the University of Chicago, is also principal investigator for The Black Youth Project, a website focused on black youth and civic engagement, and the Mobilization, Change and Political and Civic Engagement Project, which investigates if and how the heightened political environment surrounding the 2008 presidential election will affect the political attitudes and behaviors of individuals in the United States.

Her lecture inaugurates the “Post-Race? Interrogations, Provocations & Disruptions Lecture Series.” A Diversity and Inclusion Grant from the Office of the Provost provides partial funding. Co-sponsors are the Department of Political Science in Arts & Sciences and the Law, Identity & Culture Initiative, an interdisciplinary project co-directed by Adrienne Davis, JD, vice provost and the William M. Van Cleve Professor of Law, and Rebecca Wanzo, PhD, associate professor of women, gender and sexuality studies.

For more information on Cohen’s speech, visit here. To learn more about the LIC Initiative, visit the law.wustl.edu site.