Students raise walls ahead of Thurtene Carnival

Washington University in St. Louis students Frances Biedenharn, of Chi Omega, and Pete Chollapand, of Beta Theta Pi, work on building their facade Monday for the upcoming Thurtene Carnival.
(Credit: Jerry naunheim Jr.)

Thurtene Carnival begins Friday and runs through Sunday, April 19-21, along Brookings Drive of the WUSTL campus. Thurtene is the oldest and largest student-run carnival in the nation and is overseen by an honorary society made up of juniors. The carnival features rides, food and theatrical entertainment.

The charity that will benefit from this year’s festivities is Provident Inc., a St. Louis-based nonprofit organization that offers community programs from after-school activities to a suicide prevention hotline.

More than 80,000 people are expected to attend the weekend carnival, which dates back to 1907.
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