Media Advisory: 1,110 Washington University freshmen beautify 13 local schools Aug. 31

Since 1999, community service project Service First has dispatched more than 10,000 student volunteers to more than 70 local public and charter schools.

: Some 1,100 Washington University freshmen will paint murals, pull weeds and organize classrooms at 13 local schools for Service First, one of the university’s largest community service projects.

When: 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 31

Where: Patrick Henry Downtown Academy, 1220 North Tenth Street

Who: Patrick Gibbons, WUSTL professor of physics in Arts & Sciences, will lead a team of some 100 freshmen at Patrick Henry Downtown Academy. Ask for Gibbons upon your arrival. More WUSTL faculty and staff will lead students at the 12 other schools.

More information: Service First beautifies neighborhood schools