Demolition for Campus Renewal progresses

Medical Campus employees can expect to see an increase in demolition-related activities in coming weeks as the Campus Renewal Project progresses. Although much of the demolition work is taking place inside buildings, trucks will be entering and exiting the construction sites to haul debris, and trees will be removed to prepare for exterior demolition later this fall. This summer, shrubs, perennial flowers and hostas around the buildings were relocated to other areas on campus.

With construction barriers surrounding the former Jewish College of Nursing and the Kingshighway, Yalem and Steinberg buildings, sidewalks along Kingshighway Boulevard, Parkview Place and Forest Park Avenue are closed to pedestrians. One lane of northbound Kingshighway also is closed, which will enable trucks to safely enter and exit the construction site.

Employees are encouraged to continue to find alternate driving routes to Kingshighway and to pay close attention to detour signs around the site. The construction sites are contained for the safety of the public and the construction workers. Barriers not only keep trucks and debris contained, they are intended to prevent people from entering the site. Signs have been placed to redirect pedestrians to the safest routes.

The Washington University Medical Center Campus Renewal Project encompasses Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis Children’s hospitals, with an overall focus on improving the patient and family experience from a clinical and campus perspective.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Scott Naeger, BJC project manager, at (314) 374-4089.