Panel spotlights Washington University scholars’ work connected to Afghanistan

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Author and journalist Fariba Nawa (right) joined a panel of Washington University in St. Louis participants Oct. 17 to continue a discussion of Afghanistan that began with Nawa’s Assembly Series presentation.

Panelists for the program, “Aftershocks of the Afghanistan War: What’s Next for Those Who Left and for Those Left Behind,” included Jean-Francois Trani, PhD, assistant professor in the Brown School (left) as well as Robert Canfield, PhD, professor emeritus of anthropology in Arts & Sciences; Fahim Masoud, AB ’13, a former linguist for the U.S. Army in Afghanistan; and Rumi Kato Price, PhD, MPE ’90, professor of psychiatry in the School of Medicine.

This summer, Nawa interviewed Trani and Price, along with other faculty and alumni, about their work related to Afghanistan. Her article appears in the October 2013 edition of Washington magazine.

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(Credit: Mary Butkus/WUSTL Photos)