2014-15 tuition, board and fees announced

Undergraduate tuition at Washington University in St. Louis will be $45,700 for the 2014-15 academic year — a $1,600 (3.6 percent) increase over the 2013-14 current academic tuition of $44,100, announced Barbara A. Feiner, vice chancellor for finance.

The required student activity fee will total $457. The health and wellness fee will be $310.

Charges for on-campus double-occupancy housing for 2014-15 will range between $9,222 and $10,200, depending on whether a student selects newer housing. This year’s range is $8,962 to $9,912. The meal plans for 2014-15 will range from $3,906 to $5,426 compared with this year’s range of $3,802 to $5,280.

“The tuition you pay allows us to fulfill our mission of providing a world-class university experience inside and outside the classroom,” wrote Provost Holden Thorp, PhD, in a letter to parents and students about 2014-15 tuition, room, board and fees.

“Through tuition revenue, we are able to attract top-notch faculty; maintain small class sizes and a strong, personal connection with each of our students; update buildings and classrooms with energy efficiency and technology enhancements; sustain our excellent student housing and dining facilities; and invest in the neighborhoods surrounding our campuses to keep them safe and inviting,” wrote Thorp, who is also executive vice chancellor for academic affairs and professor of chemistry, in Arts & Sciences, and of medicine.

“Also, we are able to address the very important goal of meeting the financial needs of all of our students,” Thorp continued. “Doing so is one of our highest priorities.”

“As we — the university, its students, families, alumni and friends — work to ensure the continued ascent of Washington University as one of the best, most diverse and highly valued universities in the world, we thank you for your continued support in your children’s education,” Thorp wrote.

A Frequently Asked Questions document about tuition and the university‘s financial resources was enclosed with the letter. To view the FAQ, visit here.

Students who qualify for need-based financial assistance will receive consideration for the cost increases, along with consideration of changes in their family financial circumstances.

Feiner noted that the university offers payment plans to help lessen family financial burdens, including the Partners in Education with Parents plan, which allows university charges for all undergraduate years to be paid in monthly installments over as many as 10 years at competitive fixed interest rates.

The advantage of this plan is that a family can decrease the effect of future tuition and room-and-board increases, depending on the level of participation the family chooses. There also is a monthly payment plan that allows families to spread all or most of a single academic year’s expenses over 10 equal monthly payments without any interest charges.

Below are the 2014-15 full-time tuition and fee schedules for WUSTL’s graduate and professional programs as well as tuition for evening and summer schools enrolling part-time students.

Graduate and professional tuition, 2014-15

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences and graduate programs in the School of Engineering & Applied Science: The 2014-15 tuition charge for graduate students in these programs will be $45,700, an increase of $1,600 (3.6 percent) over the current charge of $44,100.

Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design: The 2014-15 tuition charge for the Master of Architecture program will be $45,480, an increase of $1,380 (3.1 percent) over the current charge of $44,100.

Graduate School of Art: The 2014-15 tuition charge for the Master of Fine Arts program will be $37,180, an increase of $1,230 (3.4 percent) over the current charge of $35,950.

Brown School: The 2014-15 tuition charge for the Master of Social Work program will be $36,870, an increase of $1,350 (3.8 percent) over the current charge of $35,520, and the Master in Public Health at $31,950, an increase of $4,718 (17.3 percent) over the current charge of $27,232. The larger increase for the Master in Public Health reflects additional degree requirements.

Olin Business School graduate program: The 2014-15 tuition for the Master of Business Administration program will be $51,500, an increase of $1,800 (3.6 percent) over the current charge of $49,700.

School of Law and School of Medicine: Tuition for 2014-15 for the Juris Doctor, LLM program and Doctor of Medicine degree will be set in March.

Evening and Summer School tuition rates, 2014-15

Undergraduate evening students: For undergraduate evening students enrolling in University College in Arts & Sciences or continuing education classes in the School of Architecture in 2014-15, tuition will be $620 per credit hour, compared with the 2013-14 cost of $610 per credit hour.

Graduate students in University College: Depending upon the graduate program in University College in Arts & Sciences, tuition will range from $620 to $995 per credit hour for 2014-15, compared with the current range of $610 to $995.

Summer School in Arts & Sciences: Tuition in Summer School classes in Arts & Sciences will be $1,020 per undergraduate credit hour and $1,220 per graduate credit hour for summer 2014, compared with the 2013 Summer School rates of $980 and $1,185 per credit hour, respectively.