Recognizing St. Louis’ 250th birthday ​

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Washington University in St. Louis’ Henry Biggs, PhD, JD (above, right), plays the part of Pierre Laclede during a re-enactment of the founding of St. Louis, held on the city’s 250th anniversary Feb. 15 in St. Louis’ City Hall. As Laclede, a French fur trader who founded St. Louis in 1764, Biggs welcomes Captain Louis Groston de Saint-Ange de Bellerive, played by Don Martin, to St. Louis. France sent the captain to serve as St. Louis’ administrator during its formative years. Biggs, who is associate director of WUSTL’s McDonnell International Scholars Academy, had help from his family during the re-enactment, which was organized by Les Amis and The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. Biggs’ wife, Theresa (above), played Marie Therese Chouteau, Laclede’s common-law wife who was known as the “mother of St. Louis.” Their 16-year-old son, Charlie, played Auguste Chouteau, Laclede’s stepson, who was 14 when Laclede sent him and a crew of 30 men to start clearing land and building the city.
(Credit: Bill greenblatt/UPI)

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