‘For the Sake of All’ project gets community feedback

Landmark study on African-American health, well-beingin St. Louis region hosts open house

article photo Jason Q. Purnell, PhD (above left), assistant professor at the Brown School and lead researcher of a landmark multidisciplinary study on African-American health and well-being in St. Louis called “For the Sake of All,” reviews findings March 18 with Terry Plain of the Missouri Foundation for Health. Nearly 100 people attended the four-hour forum at the Forest Park Visitors Center and were invited to offer feedback through discussion with key members of the research team as well as through written comments posted on research boards. “We are very grateful for all of the feedback we received on draft elements of the final report,” Purnell said. “This was a crucial phase of the project for us, and we look forward to reviewing and incorporating the community’s input.” The next steps in the project are briefings with local political leaders, including St. Louis-area legislators in Jefferson City and St.Louis Mayor Francis Slay. The final report will be presented Friday, May 30, when the “For the Sake of All” team will present policy recommendations at a community conference. To read all of the project briefs and to learn more about the conference, visit forthesakeofall.org. Credit: Sid Hastings/WUSTL Photos (2)article photo