​Bon Appétit premieres new dishes across campus​​​​

​Highlights include green chile braised-pork tacos, red pepper-and-spinach frittata

Yes, you can get French fries at the Danforth University Center. But try the green chile-braised- pork tacos with spicy mango salsa. And the pizza at the Bear’s Den is delicious. But so is the peri peri grilled chicken.

Bon Appétit Executive Chef Pat McElroy said his staff of top chefs spent the summer creating new, original recipes for Washington University in St. Louis’ dining destinations.

“Our chefs are inventive and responsive,” McElroy said. “There will always be the core dishes — hamburgers and pizza — but our chefs are always looking for ways to push boundaries and create something really special.”

Here, McElroy offers a taste of some dishes premiering this fall at the university:

Red pepper-and-spinach frittata with butternut squash salad (Village Deli Station)

“As chefs we always remember that we need to present healthy options. But healthy doesn’t mean flavorless. A variation of the classic quiche-and-salad dish, this dish has a lot of flavors and textures.”

House-made jalapeno cheddar brat (South 40 House Grill) and house-made fresh Spanish chorizo sausage with a pepper relish (South 40 House Grill meat case)

“We have several chefs, specifically Dan LeGrand, who have a background in sausage making. We we asked ourselves, ‘How are we going to utilize that talent?’ So we have created this new program where each week we offer a different sausage. We’ll use local product as a base but allow the chefs to be really creative.”

H20-Melon Salad, chorizo, Chiang Mai pork curry stir fry and a Caribbean chicken salad are available at campus eateries. (Credit: Courtesy of Bon Appetit)

H2o-Melon salad (Campus wide, grab-n-go)

“This is a watermelon salad that is really fresh and unique. We use local watermelon and local radishes. When they are out of season, we’ll phase it out. Serving fresh, seasonal food from local farmers and ranchers is really a core part of our philosophy.”

Green chile-braised-pork tacos with spicy mango salsa (DUC Servery)

This dish is from Dave Rushing, who has a strong passion for street food. This is an example of a dish that will be comfortable for the students but also pushes that edge. It’s delicious.”

Other new dishes include:

Caribbean chicken salad (Village Grill Station)

Smoked turkey-and-cheddar cheese sandwich on pretzel bread with cranberry mayonnaise (Ibby’s Bistro)

Pueblo-style braised pork barbecue with arugula salad (Ibby’s Bistro)

Veggie muffaletta panini (campus-wide, grab-n-go)

Peri peri grilled chicken quarter (South 40 Global Station)

Chiang Mai pork curry stir fry (DUC Servery)