Purnell named to justice commission, honored for improving youths’ lives


Jason Purnell, PhD, assistant professor in the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, has been named to the Peace & Justice Commission of the Archdiocese of St. Louis by Archbishop Robert J. Carlson.

The Peace & Justice Commission aims to address societal issues such as family breakdown, poverty, racial tension and lack of education by looking at how issues affecting the region specifically impact the family. In a memo announcing the commission, Carlson urged the new group to help residents and public officials throughout the archdiocese’s 11 counties strive for “peace and justice for all.” Purnell is among 27 men and women serving on the commission.

Purnell also received the Good Scout Award from the Boy Scouts of America: Greater St. Louis Area Council at the North St. Louis City Good Scout Award Dinner on June 24.

The Good Scout Award is given to individuals who exemplify a passion for improving the conditions and lives of the youth in the community. In addition to teaching, Purnell is active in the St. Louis community, both personally and professionally. He leads “For the Sake of All,” a landmark multidisciplinary study on African-American health and well-being in the St. Louis area. The project is now in its second phase, which focuses on generating community and political support to put into action the project’s recommendations for improving lives and health.