WashU Expert: Proposed Missouri tobacco tax increase doesn’t go far enough

There is renewed interest by some Missouri groups for a proposed 23-cent-per-pack raise to Missouri’s tobacco tax, which is the nation’s lowest. While any raise in tobacco prices is one of the most effective ways to reduce
and prevent smoking, the modest tax raise does not go far enough, says a tobacco control expert at Washington University in St. Louis. ​

Gregory Magarian

WashU Expert: Proposed Missouri law revoking scholarships violates First Amendment

Two Missouri legislators have proposed a bill that
would require public universities and colleges to revoke scholarships
held by student-athletes who refuse to play, or incite, support or
participate in a strike. The proposed law violates the First
Amendment of the United States Constitution, says an expert on freedom
of speech at Washington University in St. Louis.

A senior citizen with daughter.

WashU Expert: Five holiday talking points for families facing aging, end-of-life decisions

Few things are as certain as the end of life, so why is it so hard to talk about? That’s a question that many families will be grappling with over the holidays. And while it’s easy to put off dark discussions during festive times, it’s best to have them sooner than later, says Brian Carpenter, a psychologist who studies family relations in later life at Washington University in St. Louis.

Jason Purnell

WashU Expert: Better health care not enough to address health disparities

More and better health care will be necessary, but not sufficient, to advance better overall population health and to address lingering health disparities, says Jason Purnell, an expert on public health at Washington University in St. Louis. Purnell has written a chapter in the newly released book “What It’s Worth: Strengthening the Financial Future of Families, Communities, and the Nation.”


Most Americans live surprisingly close to their mothers

Most Americans live within 25 miles of their mothers, according to a study co-authored by an economics researcher at Washington University in St. Louis. The study calls into question a widespread belief that when children grow up, they’re likely to move far away and not be on hand to help out when their mothers get […]

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