Mississippi State House

WashU Expert: Mississippi ‘religious freedom’ bill unconstitutional

On April 5, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed into law House Bill 1523, a controversial “religious freedom” bill, which says that the state government cannot punish public employees, social service providers and businesses that refuse to provide services to people because of a religious opposition. The law is unconstitutional, said Elizabeth Sepper, associate professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis.
Kimberly Norwood

New book explores Ferguson’s fault lines

The August 2014 death of unarmed Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer captivated the nation and touched off a heated debate about the nature of law enforcement in the United States. A new book edited by Washington University in St. Louis’ Kimberly Norwood explores the underlying fault lines that cracked and gave rise to the eruption in Ferguson, Mo.
River delta

A radical plan to save the delta

An international cohort of designers, engineers, hydrologists, planners and other professionals — along with a handful of Washington University faculty, students and young alumni — have won a global competition charged with developing a 100-year plan for stabilizing the Mississippi River delta. A delta, says the Sam Fox School’s John Hoal, that’s on life support.
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