Tom A. Lassar

Tom A. Lassar, LA73, HS80, retired with his wife, Jane Laubheim Lassar, LA73, in Tucson, Ariz., after 41 years of clinical practice. He also had held positions as a professor of medicine/interventional cardiology at University of Arizona College of Medicine and as an associate director of cardiac cath and intervention at Banner/University Hospitals. Other prior faculty appointments […]

Maiyim Baron

Maiyim Baron, LA73, a Japanese technical interpreter, was invited to interpret for the Japanese elite runners at the 126th Boston Marathon in April. The Japanese group had a bad race day, Baron writes, and she wasn’t featured with them on the world news feed; still, she greatly enjoyed the work and expects to do it again […]

Albert Yuk Keung Ip

Albert Yuk Keung Ip, EN73, was named an Honorary Fellow and appointed as University Court Member of City University of Hong Kong. He is also an adjunct professor of business and economics at the University of Hong Kong, an adjunct professor of business at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an audit committee member […]

Molly (Maginnis) Tippe

Molly (Maginnis) Tippe, FA73, a costume designer for film and television, recently completed work on “The Terminal List,” which stars Chris Pratt and is scheduled for release on Amazon in early 2022. Tippe previously lent her costuming talents to the big screen’s “The Patriot” and “Jack Ryan” and to the TV series “Perpetual Grace LTD.” 

Anita Diamant

Anita Diamant, LA73, wrote Period. End of Sentence. A New Chapter in the Fight for Menstrual Justice (Scribner, May 2021). The book investigates the long-taboo topic of menstruation and the evolving international movement challenging the shame and stigma that shroud this essential human process. The book expands on issues she raised in a documentary that won […]

Albert Ip

Albert Ip, EN73, assumed chairmanship of the World Green Organization in Hong Kong Jan. 1, 2021. He previously served on the board of governors for six years, the last three as vice chairman.

Gail Capper Altman

Gail Capper Altman, UC73, earned a graduate of arts degree in teaching English as a second language from Avila University, Kansas City, Mo., in August 2020.

Kenneth D. Wald

Kenneth D. Wald, GR73, GR76, won the Celebrate 350 Award for the best book in American Jewish Studies with The Foundations of American Jewish Liberalism (Cambridge University Press, 2019). 

Albert Ip

Albert Ip, EN73, was appointed an honorary adviser of the School of Humanities and Social Science and was named as an industrial advisory committee member of the School of Engineering at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He was also appointed adjunct professor of the School of Hotel and Tourism at The Chinese […]

Lawrence J. Altman

Lawrence J. Altman, EN73, co-authored From Bullying to Sexual Violence: Protecting Your Children While at School (Stratton Press, 2020). The book helps parents stand up for their kids and demand that the school’s administration do what is required of the school. Altman also published articles in Inner Circle Executive magazine on racial discrimination in discipline […]