Lauren M. Hoye

Lauren M. Hoye, SW06, an attorney with Willig, Williams & Davidson, was named among the 2021 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers.

Anne (Newsome) Wynter

Anne (Newsome) Wynter, LA06, authored a children’s book that will be released this fall: Everybody in the Red Brick Building (Balzer + Bray, October 2021). The picture book tells the story of an apartment building and the dynamic city sounds that awaken residents until soothing city sounds lull them back to sleep

Ashley Hairston Doughty

Ashley Hairston Doughty, FA06, is an assistant professor of art at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Also a designer and storyteller, she incorporates socioeconomic, racial and gender-based issues in her work.

Justin Wilke

Justin Wilke, EN06, SI07, with his wife, Holly, and their three children, Logan, Claire and Lauren, welcomed another child, Alice, to the world, March 19, 2020. Alice’s birth was an extra-special present for Holly, who has the same birthday as Alice. 

Sukanya Pyne

Sukanya Pyne, PT06, is the founder and president of ReJenga, a nonprofit organization that helps improve the rehabilitation of disabled people in the developing world by promoting sustainable rehab clinics in rural villages. She recently traveled to Panskura and Kolkata, India, where she will help create a rehab setting.

Catherine Kelly

Catherine Kelly, LA06, is an assistant professor of justice and rule of law at the Africa Center for Strategic Studies, a center in the U.S. Department of Defense located on the National Defense University campus. She became a first-time author with the recent publication of Party Proliferation and Political Contestation in Africa: Senegal in Comparative Perspective […]

Patrick Hill

Patrick Hill, PMBA06, was named senior vice president and chief financial officer of Allsup, a nationwide provider of disability representation and return-to-work services.

Maggie (Konich) Fiock

Maggie (Konich) Fiock, LA06, GR08, and her husband, Frank, welcomed their first child, Susanna Beatrice, in October 2019.