‘Stop Alzheimer’s before it starts’

Eric McDade, DO, and Randall Bateman, MD, of the School of Medicine, write a commentary in Nature about researchers’ work to understand Alzheimer’s disease, arguing that efforts should be directed at drugs to prevent the disease before it takes hold because treatment to halt its progress has proved largely ineffective.

‘Hands-on science ignites passion in young minds’

Victoria May, executive director of the university’s Institute for School Partnership, writes on the Social Earth blog about the importance of exploring ways to make science come to life in the classroom.

Law faculty works with student on legal resume book

Jo Ellen Dardick Lewis, professor of practice in the School of Law, has published a book, “Telling Your Story,” to help students polish their legal resumes and cover letters as they prepare for job searches. Lewis worked closely with undergraduate student Lydia Duran, who designed and created the samples for the book.

Student-athlete Crist honored

Recent graduate and women’s soccer goalkeeper Lizzy Crist won the 2017 Division III Honda Athlete of the Year Award. This video captures her trip to Los Angeles to receive the honor.

Arvidson answers Mars questions

National Geographic

Planetary scientist Raymond Arvidson, of Arts & Sciences, answers a range of questions, explaining what we know about Mars, for the National Geographic education blog.

‘Jesuits, Mormons and American religion in the world’

Laurie Maffly-Kipp, of the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, discusses her research and offers her take on a new book, “American Jesuits and the World,” in a podcast for The Religious Studies Project.

‘Exploring the geography of the brain’

Washington University’s Deanna Barch and David Van Essen were part of an expert panel during the World Science Festival in New York about efforts to map and understand the human brain. Video of the panel was shared on the Dana Foundation blog.

Brownson public health book released

The latest edition of a book co-written by Ross Brownson, of the Brown School, has been published. “Evidence-based Public Health” (Oxford University Press) offers examples of public health success stories and failures in recent years and how to find and use scientific evidence in that field.

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