‘Where do illustrators’ archives go?’

Douglas B. Dowd, professor of art in the Sam Fox School, discusses the vision behind the university’s new Dowd Modern Graphic History Library, and shares about the collection, for Print magazine.

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The importance of inclusion

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Rebecca Linz O’Laughlin, a parent who works in Arts & Sciences administration, writes an opinion piece in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the importance of including children with disabilities in classrooms with other students.

Election offers real-world applications for humanists

Rebecca Wanzo, of Arts & Sciences, writes on the Center for the Humanities site that, contrary to some opinions, humanities scholars are well-positioned to weigh in on political debates. “‘Trouble’ is perhaps the place where many humanists do their best teaching and writing,” she said.

The Conversation

Another cost of smoking: sky-high insurance

The Conversation

Mary Politi, of the School of Medicine, writes for The Conversation about one indirect cost of smoking: markedly higher insurance premiums, which make coverage out of reach for many low-income smokers.

McDonnell scholars share excitement as they head to Australia

The McDonnell International Scholars Academy symposium on addressing global challenges gets underway Thursday in Brisbane, Australia. Some scholars have posted blogs about what they’re expecting, and more perspectives will be shared on the university’s global website this week.

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‘The philosophy of cancer’

Hold That Thought

Anya Plutynski, of Arts & Sciences, shares her story of battling breast cancer and the philosophical questions that disease raises for a “Hold That Thought” podcast.

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