‘Fragile early childhood education system at greater risk’

Gary Parker and Atia Thurman, of the Clark-Fox Policy Institute at the Brown School, write an op-ed published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, warning that many child care centers are struggling financially and may not survive the COVID-19 pandemic, a key concern for working parents and their employers.

‘Ageism in COVID coverage’

Members of the Friedman Center for Aging write on the Institute for Public Health’s blog about media coverage of COVID-19 and how it lumps people in their 60s and older into one monolithic group. But older adults are a diverse group, few of whom live in long-term care facilities, they write.

‘In Praise of Classrooms’

Peter Boumgarden, of Olin Business School, and Abram Van Engen, of Arts & Sciences, write a piece in Avidly, a channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books, paying tribute to the lowly — and now sorely missed — classroom.

On the front lines: Jennifer Schmidt

In this video, general internist Jennifer Schmidt, MD, at the School of Medicine, describes how she had to quickly adapt her clinic to keep patients and staff safe during the COVID-19 crisis and the impacts such changes could have on the practice of medicine.

Global airports and yellow fever

PhD candidate Mark Beirn, a graduate student fellow in the Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences, is familiar with the challenge of keeping travelers safe during a global health crisis. He writes that policymakers dealing with COVID-19 could benefit from reviewing Nairobi, Kenya’s handling of its public infrastructure during the yellow fever scare after World War II.

‘In this crisis, give everyone basic financial tools’

Michael Sherraden and other Brown School faculty members write an article saying the COVID-19 pandemic makes clear the importance of ensuring poor Americans have access to banks and other modern financial tools — and they propose a way to provide such access.

‘COVID-19 and the color line’

Jason Purnell, of the Brown School, co-writes an article published in the Boston Review about the disproportionate rates at which African Americans are contracting — and dying from — COVID-19. He says nowhere is the situation more stark than in St. Louis.

‘Musical Postcards’: senior Beth Huang

As part of the Department of Music in Arts & Sciences’ ongoing “Musical Postcards” video series, Beth Huang, a senior studying music, performs Claude Debussy’s “La fille aux cheveux de lin” on the piano.

‘White supremacists’ dangerous new conspiracy theory’

Flora Cassen, associate professor in Arts & Sciences, writes an opinion piece published in Haaretz, saying that as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world, the dark web has filled with conspiracy theories accusing Jews of triggering it.

‘The pandemic through the eyes of a medical student’

Cyrus Ghaznavi, a second-year medical student at Washington University, writes an article published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about how medical students are contributing during the pandemic even if they can’t directly care for patients.

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