Camp part of new theater-focused podcast

Pannill Camp, of Arts & Sciences, is co-host of a new podcast, titled “On TAP,” focused on theater and performance studies. In a recent episode, the group discusses what productions are coming soon to regional theaters, among other topics.

‘A place to build a life’

Gyo Obata, now one of the world’s leading architects, shares in this video about how he found a welcoming place to learn at Washington University during World War II, when his Japanese-American family was sent to an internment camp in California.

‘Making time for more than medicine’

Second-year medical student David Ebertz studies hard, but becoming a doctor isn’t his only passion. Ebertz also makes time for producing and directing musical numbers and for helping with campus sustainability initiatives.

‘Making sense of Klansville’

Sociologist David Cunningham, of Arts & Sciences, discusses in a “Hold That Thought” podcast what he learned about North Carolina while doing research for his book “Klansville USA” — and how that history could offer lessons for modern times.

Architecture schools speak against Trump’s budget plan

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, which is led by the Sam Fox School’s Bruce Lindsey, released a statement opposing President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts to the arts, the humanities and other areas.

‘A place where cultures collide’

A tour of north St. Louis motivated second-year medical student Kai Jones to address health inequality. In this School of Medicine video, she discusses finding ways to serve the city’s diverse population and to address disparities in care.

‘This is how Trump’s budget cut would harm medical research’

Michael White, of the Department of Genetics in the School of Medicine, writes in Pacific Standard magazine that President Trump’s proposal to cut the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget by 20 percent would close labs, but more importantly, would mean the public never realizes the benefits of scientists’ work.

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