‘Coping during coronavirus’

The coronavirus pandemic has led to plenty of uncertainty. Tim Bono, assistant dean in Arts & Sciences, offers tips for managing parts of life that remain under our control.

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‘St. Louis’ moment to rally against a pandemic’

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Chancellor Andrew D. Martin, along with Saint Louis University President Fred Pestello, writes an op-ed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch about the universities’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including efforts to slow its spread and also to provide front-line medical care.

‘Close the churches’

Constitutional law expert John Inazu writes an op-ed in The Atlantic calling for all churches to suspend worship services and other gatherings, as some already have done, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. He also argues Supreme Court precedent would permit a government order that they do.

‘Sam Moore’s legacy should be change in north St. Louis’

St. Louis American

Michael Allen, senior lecturer at the Sam Fox School, writes in an article published in The St. Louis American reflecting on the death of longtime St. Louis Alderman Sam Moore. “Moore’s legacy urges us to remember that St. Louis won’t be a whole city until north St. Louis is a record of equity and justice,”. he said.

‘Romance in Marseille,’ edited by Maxwell, reviewed in New York Times

William J. Maxwell, professor of English in Arts & Sciences, co-edited the book “Romance in Marseille,” a pioneering African American novel by Claude McKay, published nearly 90 years after its creation.  Maxwell also wrote an introduction of the work, which was reviewed in The New York Times.

‘Remembering the extraordinary life of A.E. Hotchner’

Henry I. Schvey, professor of drama in Arts & Sciences, writes a remembrance published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of A.E. Hotchner, a celebrated novelist, playwright and WashU alumnus, who died this month.

‘How I Made This Book’

Publication of a significant creative work is a milestone in the career of a humanities scholar. The Center for the Humanities in Arts & Sciences shares on its website a glimpse into the book-publishing journey of seven university faculty members.