Connie Diekman

Director of University Nutrition

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Diekman is a past president of the American Dietetic Association (ADA), now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She served on the ADA House of Delegates Leadership Team from 2004–06 and was a member of the ADA’s Board of Directors from 2004-09. Previously, she served as a delegate from the state of Missouri to the House of Delegates (governing body). She is a former chair of the American Heart Association–Missouri affiliate.

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Four ways to reduce soda consumption

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal to ban the sale of any sugary beverage more than 16 ounces in the city’s restaurants, delis, movie theaters and street carts may be well-intentioned, but Connie Diekman, RD, past president of the American Dietetic Association (now the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) believes it will do little to reverse the U.S. obesity epidemic.

10 tips for preventing weight gain over the holidays

Many websites and magazine articles offer ideas about how to lose weight over the holidays, but Connie Diekman, director of university nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis, says that people need to realize that weight loss during this time generally isn’t realistic. A little advance planning can ensure that, while people may not actually lose weight, they can keep weight gain in check.