Pratim Biswas

Lucy & Stanley Lopata Professor, Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

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Biswas has been honored for his outstanding contributions to aerosol research; however, his academic interests span a wide range of topics. He also studies nanoparticle technology, air quality, combustion, environmental technologies and thermal sciences. Holding leadership positions with the McDonnell Academy of Global Energy & Environment Parternship and the International Center for Advanced Renewable Energy & Sustainability, Biswas also has nearly 300 journal publications, presents his work internationally and holds six patents.

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On-the-ground research reveals true impact of cook-stove emissions in India

Cookstoves, a central part of millions of homes throughout Asia, clog the air with particulates that, when inhaled, are dangerous to overall human health. Despite advances in technology, many people are reluctant or unable to adopt the newer, cleaner cookstoves. New research from our university gives us a clearer picture of the problem’s true scope.

From cancer to crops: Engineering small solutions for the world’s big problems

From drug delivery and energy sources to agriculture and water treatment, some of the world’s largest, and the most complex problems can be solved today with the smallest, simplest structures using principles of aerosol science and technology. Because so many of these problems, while grand in scale, originate at the cellular or molecular level, there is a need to begin by thinking small when engineering a solution. Nanoparticles, which are microscopic in size, have become increasingly important in the scientific community because they have the potential to address a wide variety of issues across fields.