Young-Shin Jun

Professor, Department of Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering

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Jun’s research is highly interdisciplinary as she aims to explore the environmental impacts of human activities through improved understanding of the fate and transport of contaminants and nanoparticles, and the biogeological cycling in complex environmental systems from nanoscale to macroscale, with a view to conserving sound environmental systems. Her research involves a more comprehensive analysis of the risks associated with CO2 sequestration strategies related to climate changes and the development of new treatment techniques and new catalysts for purifying drinking water, remediating contaminated sites related to fresh and coastal water and soil, and developing new energy alternatives.

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New cellular insights in bone development

New cellular insights in bone development

Most of us don’t think about our teeth and bones until one aches or breaks. A team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis looked deep within collagen fibers to see how the body forms new bone and teeth, seeking insights into faster bone healing and new biomaterials.