woman scratches her back

New clues point to relief for chronic itching

Studying mice, School of Medicine researchers found that a drug can deliver itch relief by targeting particular opioid receptors on neurons in the spinal cord. The drug is being tested for its anti-itch effects in the U.S., but until now scientists haven’t understood how it works.

The measure of good design

Neighbors can be feet away and worlds apart. For the class “Segregation by Design,” Sam Fox School students Cierra Higgins and Tianna Williams explore strategies for mitigating social segregation in two historic St. Louis neighborhoods.
pow wow

Pow Wow 2018: ‘Balancing Two Worlds’

The theme of this year’s Pow Wow at Washington University in St. Louis is “Balancing Two Worlds: Indigenous Teachings, Traditions and Truths.” The 28th annual event, a celebration of American Indian cultures, will be held Saturday, April 21, in the Washington University Field House on the Danforth Campus.

Back to the beginning

As scientists try to find therapy options to fight back and neck pain, considerable interest exists in harnessing stem cells to restore nucleus pulposus, the chief material in discs. Previous research shows human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) can express markers for a wide variety of cells, including those that secrete NP. A collaborative team of scientists at Washington University has developed a new process to generate NP-like cells from hiPSCs.

A collaborative investigation

Over the last four decades, Island Press, part of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, has earned a national reputation for publishing complex, large-scale prints and multiples that explore new materials and innovative techniques.