Media advisory- Fighting for the right to vote on Feb. 12

Samuel Bagenstos, professor of law at Washington University in St. Louis and antidiscrimination law expert, will argue Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services v. Carnahan before Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and the Eighth Circuit on Feb. 12. This case involves a challenge to the Missouri constitutional and statutory provisions that disenfranchise individuals who are under full guardianship, even if they have the capacity to vote.

Georgia inmate represented by WUSTL law professor Samuel Bagenstos prevails in Supreme Court disability rights case

BagenstosThe United States Supreme Court ruled unanimously on January 9 in favor of a Georgia inmate in a disability rights case, United States v. Georgia. Samuel R. Bagenstos, J.D., professor of law, argued the case on behalf of the inmate, Tony Goodman. The ruling paves the wave for Goodman to seek damages against the state of Georgia. According to the ruling, Goodman’s “more serious allegations” were that he was “confined for 23-to-24 hours per day in a 12-by-3-foot cell, in which he could not turn his wheelchair around” and that “the lack of accessible facilities rendered him unable to use the toilet and shower without assistance, which was often denied.”