Media Advisory: Washington University first-year students move in Thursday

Some 1,780 first-year students, the largest first-year class in Washington University’s history, will be arriving for the 2017-18 academic year that begins Monday, Aug. 28. The students hail from 49 states and 22 countries. A team of 300 students, faculty and staff volunteers will help haul everything from refrigerators and microwaves to laptops and bicycles. Trucks, vans, minivans and U-Hauls will line the South 40 driveways.
Why did I do that?

Why did I do that?

The “self” part of self-control can be a new concept for many college students. For years, they had parents and teachers to keep them on track. Then college comes, with its many demands and distractions, and students find themselves baffled by their own mistakes. Todd Braver, professor of psychological and brain sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, helps students understand the complicated brain basis for self-control.

New students move in Aug. 23

More than 1,700 new students move onto campus starting at 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 23. Five full days of orientation, better known as Bear Beginnings, take place Aug. 23-Monday, Aug. 27.