Washington People: Bob Hansman

Since the shooting of Michael Brown, the eyes of the world have turned to St. Louis. Over the last several weeks, associate professor Bob Hansman — one of the area’s most prominent community activists — has quietly ushered hundreds of students through the neighborhoods of north St. Louis, chronicling the racial, social and urban histories that have shaped conditions on the ground.
Incoming medical students take the plunge

Incoming medical students take the plunge

Incoming medical students took part last week in the Washington University Medical Plunge, or WUMP, a weeklong crash course in public health, diversity and health-care disparities. Pictured are students Ally Schelble (left) and Harleen Grewal helping prepare teaching materials for the upcoming school year at Epworth Children & Family Services. WUMP introduces students to myriad opportunities to volunteer.

Silent auction showcases ‘City Faces’ artwork

City Faces, an after-school art and tutoring program, is a stabilizing force for children living in St. Louis’ Clinton-Peabody public housing projects, an area riddled with drug and gang activity. On Monday, Feb. 13, faculty and staff will have a unique opportunity to view and support artwork created by children in the City Faces program. The art will be showcased during a 5:30 p.m. silent auction and gallery event in the Danforth University Center.