A new model for career planning

A new model for career planning

A growing number of first-year students are seeking career advice and resources early in their college careers. In response, the Career Center has launched a number of new career-readiness program specifically for first-year students. The center also collaborated with Arts & Sciences on a pilot program that combines career planning and academic advising.  

Olin helps students tackle tough job market

The Weston Career Center at Olin Business School is not sitting on the sideline, waiting for the economy to recover, campus recruiting to pick up and unemployment to drop. Instead, the career center team has gone on the offensive to help students find jobs in non-traditional markets and help them learn how to market themselves and network in new ways. 

Web video contest reaches college students on their level

WUSTL undergraduate students created YouTube video advertisements to help promote The Career Center’s programs.Reaching college students on their level can be a challenge. They are overwhelmed with information from e-mail, instant messaging and Web sites like Facebook and YouTube. The challenge becomes even more difficult when you are talking about something as “uncool” as career planning. But officials at The Career Center at Washington University in St. Louis have found a way. With a competition to design a Career Center video advertisement available on the popular Web site YouTube.com, the center’s staff members discovered they could draw students into the process of connecting with good career advice. More…

Olin School of Business ventures into unchartered territory

Photo by Mary Butkus / WUSTL PhotoSteve Malter (right) teaching students to plan their academic life for their business career.The Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis has created a class that addresses the students’ need for academic advice and career guidance at the same time. Managing Your Business Career Strategy (MYBCS) was designed to address this need. Students learn how their classes could help with future career choices; they learn job search skills; and they learn the particulars about the characteristics of various career options. It’s the first of its kind at Washington University in St. Louis, and it may very well be the first of its kind in the nation.