Class Acts: Tackling the global clean water crisis

How five Langsdorf Scholars in the School of Engineering & Applied Science kept searching for an answer to an urgent global problem: clean water for children. Their project, WOOTA, draws moisture from the air and re-condenses it into drinking water. The prototype was recognized as the winner of the 2016 Discovery Competition.

Class Acts: Fighting childhood malnutrition

To prepare for a career treating and studying global malnutrition, Zach Linneman has completed the post-baccalaureate premedical program in University College in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. It’s another step toward his goal of alleviating childhood hunger and he’s another of our Class Acts of 2018.

Class Acts: Meeting the world where it’s at

Jessi Gray graduates this month with a degree in computer science from the School of Engineering & Applied Science and is one of four valedictorians. It’s an impressive achievement, but not the one that matters. After struggling with identity for years, Gray is proudly living her life as a transgender woman.

Class Acts: Studying the data

As a student, Channing Hunter has helped municipal leaders in inventory and understand carbon emissions data so they can launch policies that improve the environment, human health and the economy. “It all starts with the data,” Hunter says.

Class Acts: Running on solar power

Engineering student, start-up founder and track star Deko Ricketts calls solar power “the engineer’s energy.” Here is Ricketts’ amazing journey to WashU, how he made the most of it and how he plans to address the global energy crisis after graduation.

Class Acts: Schmidt brings ‘listening ear’ as Black Anthology playwright

​Class Acts takes a look at John Schmidt, a senior in Arts & Sciences and the white playwright behind this weekend’s Black Anthology. Schmidt also is an editor for Student Life, writer and director for Lunar New Year, a residential advisor and opera singer. Schmidt says his “listening ear” helps him in his various roles. Black Anthology takes place at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Feb. 6 and 7.