What’s a QR code got to do with a b-school magazine?

Ready, aim your smartphone and read! The new issue of Olin Business magazine is sporting a high tech code on its cover that lets readers connect immediately to the school’s website.  Innovation and creative thinking are themes in the magazine as well as daily activities at Washington University’s top ranked business school.

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Murray Gell-Mann will discuss Einstein’s legacy for the Assembly Series

In his talk, Murray Gell-Mann will look back to 1905 when Albert Einstein, an unknown scientist, published several papers, each with a revolutionary idea. He will examine Einstein’s creative thinking, how current cosmological discoveries relate to his work, and today’s efforts to find a unified theory of everything. Gell-Mann received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1969 for his discovery of the quark – the basic building block of all atomic nuclei throughout the universe.