Exercise: It does the heart good

Studying elderly people with mild to moderately elevated blood pressure, researchers at the School of Medicine have found that exercise is just as effective as blood pressure medicine at reducing heart mass and the thickness of the heart wall. Exercise also provided benefits that blood pressure medicine did not, such as lowering an individual’s risk of developing diabetes.

Book offers tips on improving memory as we age

Joe Angeles / WUSTL PhotoA new book co-authored by a memory researcher at Washington University in St. Louis is one-stop shopping for all the questions we have about memory and how serious our lapses might be as we grow older. Mark A. McDaniel, Ph.D., professor of psychology in Arts & Sciences at WUSTL, says his book, Memory Fitness: A Guide for Successful Aging, relies on many rigorous academic studies but is written for the lay person. “Our mission is to give the general public a good idea of what they can reasonably expect from their memory capabilities as they age,” says McDaniel about the book he co-authored with Gilles O. Einstein, Ph.D., professor and chair of the psychology department at Furman University. “It also outlines some reasonable expectations about things people can do to perhaps increase their memory performances.”