Frédéric Moynier awarded 2013 Kuno Prize

Frédéric Moynier, PhD, associate professor of earth and planetary sciences in Arts & Sciences, has been named the recipient of the 2013 Hisashi Kuno award given by the American Geophysical Union. The award is given annually to recognize the scientific accomplishments of junior scientists who make outstanding contributions to the fields of volcanology, geochemistry and petrology.

Moon was created in giant smashup

It’s a big claim, but Washington University in St. Louis planetary scientist Frédéric Moynier says his group has discovered evidence that the Moon was born in a flaming blaze of glory when a body the size of Mars collided with the early Earth.

Moynier awarded young scientist honors

Frédéric Moynier, PhD, 33, assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in Arts & Sciences and a member of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, has been named the recipient of the 2012 Houtermans Award and the Nier Prize, both given for exceptional work by a scientist younger than 35.