Physical therapy students journey to Guatemala​

During winter break, 19 students and two alumnae from the Program in Physical Therapy at the School of Medicine​ traveled throughout Guatemala to help patients who otherwise might not receive physical therapy and other health care. Shown is student Leslie Wallace receiving a kiss from a grateful Guatemalan woman.
Mayan Carving (Red Spark Claw)

Discovery of stone monument at El Perú-Waka’ adds new chapter to ancient Maya history

Archaeologists tunneling beneath the main temple of the ancient Maya city of El Perú-Waka’ in northern Guatemala have discovered an intricately carved stone monument with hieroglyphic text detailing the exploits of a little-known sixth-century princess whose progeny prevailed in a bloody, back-and-forth struggle between two of the civilization’s most powerful royal dynasties, Guatemalan cultural officials announced July 16.