Altering mix of gut microbes prevents obesity, but diet remains key factor

The mix of microbes living inside the gut can protect against obesity, but a healthy diet is critical, according to School of Medicine scientists who transplanted intestinal microbes from obese and lean twins into mice and fed the animals different diets. Pictured are researchers Vanessa Ridaura, a graduate student, and Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD, director of the Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology.

Knowing campus resources key to staying healthy at college

College students should become familiar with the physical and mental health services offered on their campuses.The millions of college freshmen starting school this fall have a lot on their minds — making the grade, meeting new friends and being on their own. Another new challenge they’ll face is staying healthy. While students face a variety of health issues — including infections, stress and sexually transmitted infections — the key to wellness is knowing the resources available on their campuses, says a college health expert at Washington University in St. Louis. More…