Neurosurgeon writes thriller based on his research

Neurosurgeon Eric Leuthardt’s research often has been described as science fiction brought to life. But in his latest project, his experiences in the laboratory and the operating room have inspired him to write a futuristic thriller.

Brain regions ‘tune’ activity to enable attention

The brain appears to synchronize the activity of different brain regions to make it possible for a person to pay attention or concentrate on a task, scientists at the School of Medicine have learned. Pictured is the study’s first author, graduate student researcher Amy Daitch.

XPRIZE proposed to inspire Alzheimer’s research

XPRIZE may create an Alzheimer’s XPRIZE to inspire the ingenuity of researchers to take on the daunting task of stopping the disorder. The Alzheimer’s XPRIZE was proposed by a team of experts co-directed by Eric C. Leuthardt.

Brain’s ‘radio stations’ have much to tell scientists

Like listeners adjusting a high-tech radio, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have tuned in to precise frequencies of brain activity to unleash new insights into how the brain works. “Analysis of brain function normally focuses on where brain activity happens and when,” says Eric Leuthardt, MD. “What we’ve found is that the wavelength of the activity provides a third major branch of understanding brain physiology.”