Solving the problem

On Nov. 4-6, Washington University hosted Field of Dreams, the annual conference of the Math Alliance, an organization dedicated to increasing the number of traditionally underrepresented groups in doctoral programs in the mathematical sciences.
Anthony Grebe concentrating on a problem

Undergraduate mathematicians test their mettle

Each academic year, students from Washington University distinguish themselves at two annual mathematics competitions: The North American Putnam Competition, in which this year the team finished eighth; and the Missouri Collegiate Mathematics Competition, in which the team tied for first with a perfect score.

Math department nabs two postdoctoral fellows

Two mathematics researchers, Irina Holmes and James Pascoe, will spend time at Washington University in St. Louis as recipients of the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences, a highly competitive award.

Blake Thornton: No. 1 standup paddleboarder

Washington University in St. Louis mathematician Blake Thornton, PhD, came in first in the paddleboard division of the MR340, an endurance race on the Missouri River. Before signing up for next year’s race, you might want to read this article as well as watch the video.

A feat of four-dimensional imagination​​

There are five regular polytopes (Platonic solids) in three-dimensional space and six in four-dimensional space. Only their projections can be built in our dimension-deficient world and that requires an act of imagination. Ivan Horozov, PhD, the Chauvenet Lecturer in Mathematics, is building the two most complex figures in this office in his spare time.

Surprised by math

Math circles, which bring together professional mathematicians and young students, have been a part of mathematical culture in Russia since the 1930s and in Bulgaria for nearly a century. Washington University’s math circle, founded in 2002, gives kids a chance to meet a mathematician and to absorb his or her adventuresome and imaginative approach to solving problems.

Knese receives NSF grant for math research

Gregory Knese, PhD, assistant professor of mathematics in Arts & Sciences, has been awarded a $138,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for his project “Harmonic Analysis and Spaces of Analytic Functions in Several Variables.”

McCarthy installed as new Spencer T. Olin professor

Mathematician John E. McCarthy, PhD, was installed March 2 as the Spencer T. Olin Professor in Arts & Sciences in a ceremony in Holmes Lounge.  Following the formal installation and the presentation of the professorship medallion, McCarthy spoke on “Why Pure Mathematics Matters.”

Consider supplemental math programs as holiday gift

David Kilper/WUSTL PhotoA math problem review session at the Kumon-Ladue math program on Clayton Road in Ladue.Parents of school-aged children might want to think of giving their children an enduring holiday gift this year: enrollment in a supplemental mathematics program. While it can cost anywhere from $80 to $110 a month, the results of practicing mathematics nearly daily is rewarding to both students and parents. In fact, parents might be even bigger recipients of this gift than their children. While their children gain self-esteem and confidence, the parents very likely will feel a sense of relief and pride in their children’s accomplishment.
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