WashU Expert: NAFTA in a jiffy?

WashU Expert: NAFTA in a jiffy?

A new trade deal to replace NAFTA will require completion by the end of the week, with or without Canada — so it’s too early and too hazy to consider this a good deal or a bad deal no matter what President Trump calls it, said a Washington University in St. Louis trade expert.

Don’t blame free trade for a weak economy

Even though the benefits of free trade outweigh the harm, the subject has not garnered a lot of attention during this year’s election cycle. WUSTL business professor Jim Little discusses why it is important for Congress to liberalize trade and the dangers of embracing stricter policies.

A nation’s potential for economic investment, growth hinges on five key factors, study finds

Joe Angeles/WUSTL PhotoSobelGlobalization is creating divisive tensions between developed and developing nations. Many fear globalization, blaming it for their societal ills. Yet, globalization has produced opportunity and improvements in social welfare for those nations able to take advantage of its benefits. Nations who fail to take full advantage of globalization may have only themselves to blame, according to a study in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of International Management.