Leveraging her seat at the table

Leveraging her seat at the table

Joyce Trimuel, EMBA ’16, has always seen her career advancement as a chance to help others. Now, as the diversity and inclusion officer for CNA, she’s making its corporate culture more inclusive.

Olin’s opening day: improved Simon Hall, icy start

The Olin Business School community celebrated the new school year’s start Aug. 25 with a ribbon cutting of the renovated Simon Hall and its traditional back-to-school barbecue to cap the day — with a twist this time, as Dean Mahendra Gupta, PhD, endured the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Cooking at Olin

Mahendra R. Gupta, PhD, dean of Olin Business School and the Geraldine J. and Robert L. Virgil Professor of Accounting and Management, serves a burger to a student during the 19th annual Olin Cookout Aug. 27 at Simon Hall. The tasty tradition brings the Olin community together, with faculty and staff serving barbecued chicken, pork and hamburgers to hungry students.

The government must develop collaborative enterprise leaders to solve its ‘wicked’ problems, new book suggests

The American public looks to the federal government to successfully respond to and solve our “wicked” problems. A new book co-edited by Jackson Nickerson, PhD, professor of strategy at Olin Business School, suggests government leaders must be better collaborators. The book is Tackling Wicked Government Problems: A Practical Guide for Developing Enterprise Leaders.

We don’t like unfamiliar music, even though we claim we do, study finds

Spotify. Pandora. iTunes. YouTube. We are constantly bombarded with a seemingly limitless amount of new music in our daily lives. But why do we keep coming back to that one song or album we couldn’t get enough of in college? New research from Washington University’s Olin Business School shows that although consumers say they prefer to listen to unfamiliar music, their choices actually belie that preference.

Make music with student-created app

It’s called Sketch-a-Song. It’s free and it’s designed to make music creation accessible to everyone — even people without formal musical training. WUSTL seniors Jacob Zax and Adam Segal are members of the team of seven high school friends who devoted last summer to creating the app.
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