Emergency medicine offers new fellowship

The Division of Emergency Medicine is offering a two-year fellowship designed to allow emergency medicine trainees and others interested in clinical, translational or basic research careers to develop the skills to become successful, independent investigators. The program, which is coordinated through the Clinical Research Training Center, culminates in a master’s degree of science in clinical investigation.

Finding STARS

Steven Mumm, PhD (left), research associate professor of medicine, works in his lab at the School of Medicine with Adela Cajic, a rising senior at Affton High School and a participant in the Students and Teachers as Research Scientists (STARS) program. STARS pairs academically talented high school juniors and seniors in the St. Louis area with scientists at five research institutions for a six-week apprenticeship in laboratories, including those on the Danforth and Medical campuses.

Advancing Alzheimer’s disease research

The Charles F. and Joanne Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at Washington University School of Medicine was dedicated Sept. 1. The Knights have long been leaders in supporting Alzheimer’s disease research and have committed more than $15 million to advance Alzheimer’s research at the School of Medicine.

Celebrating postdoctoral research

The Sixth Annual Postdoc Scientific Symposium Feb. 25 at the Eric P. Newman Education Center featured Gene Robinson, Ph.D., of the University of Illinois as keynote speaker; five postdoctoral researchers presenting research and more than 50 posters at a poster session.

Catholic leadership divided over Obama’s Notre Dame speech, expert suggests

Frank FlinnNotre Dame University’s decision to invite President Obama to deliver the university’s commencement address on Sunday has sparked strong protests from groups who disagree with Obama’s stand on abortion and stem cell research. Despite condemnation of Obama’s speech by a number of prominent American bishops, the Vatican may be more interested in moderation and conciliation in its dealings with Obama, suggests Frank K. Flinn, a close observer of religious politics and author of the Encyclopedia of Catholicism (2007).

Universities must tackle global energy, environmental woes, says international call to action

Proclaiming that “energy and environmental issues represent the greatest challenges of this century,” Washington University Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton today joined presidents of six other premier research universities in calling for universities worldwide to marshal their resources for a global effort to secure a brighter, sustainable future. Plans for collaborative academic programs involving education, research, university operations, social sciences and policy studies are detailed in a statement issued May 7.

Aging program seeks adult research volunteers

Adults of all ages are being invited to become volunteer participants in research conducted by faculty and students connected with the Aging and Development Program of the Department of Psychology in Arts & Sciences. Some of the studies deal with practical problems, others with basic abilities such as thinking, memory and perception. Current projects range […]

Gambling psychology offers insight into self-control, risk-taking, impulsiveness

Photo by Joe Angeles/WUSTL PhotoAre gamblers impulsive?Why do people engage in behaviors they know are harmful to them in the long run? Why do we give in to that incredible chocolate cake even though we’re trying to lose weight and stay fit? The answer, suggests a recent study on the psychology of gambling and impulsive behavior, is a simple economic phenomenon known as discounting. While good health may be its own reward, research suggests that the value of that reward diminishes as it’s delayed; and the longer it’s delayed, the less it controls your present behavior. Although gamblers may deserve their reputations as notorious risk-takers, they often do better than non-gamblers at delaying gratification to maximize long-term rewards.
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