Restitution system for exploitative images of children highly problematic

Lawyers recently have gained attention by seeking restitution from individuals convicted of viewing or downloading exploitative photos of children. “This ‘pay-per-view’ system further commodifies victims,” says Cortney Lollar, JD, clinical faculty at Washington University in St. Louis. She says that two key changes are in order: move from the current restitution system to the creation of a child pornography crime victims’ compensation fund, and devote more resources to preventing child sexual abuse.

Imperialism, Art and Restitution conference to be hosted by WUSTL School of Law March 26-27

Bust of NefertitiDuring the Age of Imperialism, historical pieces such as the Bust of Nefertiti were taken from their home countries and installed in major museums throughout the world. Leading academics, authors and curators will examine whether these works of art should be returned to their source nations at the “Imperialism, Art & Restitution” conference March 26-27 at the Washington University School of Law.