WashU Expert: FIFA scandal could open door for U.S. World Cup​​

​​As the international sporting world reacts to allegations of criminal misconduct by top officials of FIFA, the international soccer governing body, a flood of questions are surfacing about potential, long-term ramifications for what is arguably the world’s most popular sport. Patrick Rishe, PhD, director of the Sports Business Program in the Olin Business School, believes the United States could ultimately benefit from the outcome of the investigation.​

Minor in sports business comes to Washington University in a major way

The business of sports, said Joseph S. Lacob (left), co-executive chairman and CEO of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, isn’t just fun and games. Future successful sports industry leaders must be innovative thinkers with a solid foundational business background, like the new minor in the business of sports at Olin Business School, a program he is helping launch with a $1 million gift.