Genin named Global Scholars Fellow at Tsinghua University

Guy Genin, PhD, has been named a 2014 Global Scholars Fellow at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Genin, a professor of mechanical engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, will be part of a team studying how engineers can help older adults make decisions about orthopedic surgeries involving rotator cuff repair.

Biomimetic patch to be tested on tricky tendon-to-bone repairs

A research group at Washington University in St. Louis has received more than $2 million to test a biomimetic material that promises to improve the success rate of the more than 75,000 rotator cuff (shoulder tendon) repairs performed each year in the United States. The natural attachment of tendon to bone relies on a transition zone where the material properties of bone shade into those of tendon. The biodegradable patch would provide an environment where stem cells could recreate this transition after surgery, making repairs less prone to failure.