The fine line between travel incentive, reward​

The fine line between travel incentive, reward​

What happens when seasoned travelers sign up for, but don’t receive, customer loyalty rewards? New research from Cynthia Cryder, PhD, assistant professor of marketing at Olin Business School, shows the fiercest road warriors might be the most likely to turn on their favorite firms when they don’t achieve those all-important incentive goals.

New travel registry protects WUSTL community during rocky journeys​

Undergraduates must register university-related international travel through a new WUSTL registry, and faculty and staff are encouraged to do so. The registry offers a variety of resources to help travelers if they fall victim to environmental or political upheaval.

Take a trip around the world in just eight nights with the Travel Lecture Series

Each month, the series, sponsored by Alumni & Development Programs, presents a different film by an acclaimed international travel expert. From the magic of Malaysia to the fabled city of Shangri-La, let St. Louis’ oldest and best-known travel lecture series take you on a world tour no tourist could ever see alone.