Collaborative by design

Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis and Hillary Petrie, all 2006 architecture graduates, became friends and collaborators while students at Washington University. Now, they run the award-winning furniture design company Egg Collective in New York City.

The game of life

When Sam Coster, AB ’12, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at age 23, he knew his life had to change. A game developer who made irreverent endless runners for mobile, Coster and his brothers, who run the game development studio Butterscotch Shenanigans, decided to create their most imaginative and ambitious game to date, Crashlands.

The courage to heal

As a survivor of sex trafficking, Katie Rhoades, MSW ’11, is passionate about helping women in the commercial sex industry. After graduating from the Brown School, she founded Healing Action, a nonprofit that helps women move on from their trauma.
Michael and Noémi Neidorff

Working to make life better

Michael and Noémi Neidorff are two of St. Louis’ most dedicated citizens. Their commitment and outreach make the city and the organizations they engage with better for all.